We are excited to announce our new program: an Esports Team.

Bridge Gaming will focus primarily on 12-16 year olds interested in competitive gaming, while also learning valuable life skills such as teamwork, leadership, self-control, communication, and more. We believe this program will help students not only transition to other Esports teams in high school and college, but also transform their lives holistically. The benefits of sports in young people’s lives is well known, but we see that students with physical limitations or a lack of interest in standard sports (football, baseball, etc) can miss out on the camaraderie and lessons that come with competing. This is a brand new program that we are hoping to build with the help of our community.

Vision: To provide a fun, safe, and enriching space for Esports athletes to compete in the community and teach them life lessons along the way. 

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Meet our Coach: Amanda Lindsey 


Amanda is a passionate gamer and educator dedicated to pushing boundaries and inspiring others. As a semi-pro League of Legends player, they've competed in tournaments worldwide, showcasing their strategic prowess and teamwork. Beyond gaming, Amanda is committed to mentoring students, infusing lessons with creativity and a love for learning. Their journey embodies resilience and determination, always striving for excellence in both virtual arenas and classrooms. Through their love for gaming and unwavering dedication, Amanda leaves a lasting impact, shaping the future of esports and education.

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