The Bridge Leadership Academy is a community-led youth leadership empowerment program, which has established a collaborative alliance with Metropolitan school districts, community-based organizations and corporations to create educational, leadership development and workforce opportunity  programs for  students.

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Ensuring the Success of Our Youth

The Bridge Leadership Academy has an unwavering commitment to ensuring the success of our youth and future leaders of America. Our goal is to introduce life skills competencies that allow scholars to apply critical thinking skills and mature judgment, tolerate of ambiguity, build intellectual curiosity, work collaboratively to achieve personal and team goals, communicate effectively and successfully transition into post-secondary educational environments. Through leadership, empowerment, commitment, and an integrated blended learning approach, the Bridge Leadership Academy will foster future leaders who will make meaningful contributions to society.

The Bridge serves as a safe haven for youth who need help in case of an emergency.  For more information, bridge.leadership2k@gmail.com.  


Wakisha Briggs, MAED

Founder & CFO

Tika D. Cole

Executive Administrator & Director of Operations

Terron Briggs


Additional Staff

Dr. Chantel Ferguson Ph.D., L.L.C. Counselor 

Alexandra Green, Curriculum Developer and Social Media Coordinator

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