National Scholarship Month

Nov 01, 2021

November is National Scholarship Month! The Bridge has put together a set of guidelines for students getting ready to start applying for scholarships. 

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Anticipate Your Needs

Figure out how much (roughly) college is going to cost for you. Reach out to your college counselor for help with finding scholarships you qualify for. Factor in any money you or your parents have saved for college education to get a good idea of how much you can afford to pay out of pocket if necessary. 

Start Local

While national scholarships garner a lot of attention, local scholarships offer better chances of receiving scholarship money because the competition pool is significantly smaller. Your college counselor will have information on several local scholarships.

Don't Overlook

Focusing on larger financial prizes is good, but be sure to not overlook any smaller scholarships that you may qualify for. At the end of the day, money is money, and with rising college costs every scholarship you win will help significantly with college expenses.


Start With 5

Begin by researching and applying for at least 5 scholarships that you qualify for. However, there is no limit to how many scholarships you can apply for. Try setting time aside each week dedicated only to searching for and applying for scholarships. When applying, make sure that the scholarship can be combined with other forms of financial aid.

Stay On Track

Make sure you are keeping on top of the scholarship application deadlines, as it can be easy to fall behind. Some scholarships even have early applications, which can boost your chance of winning. Plan your recommendation letters in advance, and notify the person writing your letter at least a week before the deadline.

Show You Stand Out

When writing essays, focus on things or life experiences that make you unique. Create a list of your strengths, and show the scholarship committee why your skills make you the perfect candidate for the award. You can ask a teacher, parent, tutor, or friend to review your essay for improvement.


Visit here for more information on how to apply for scholarships, along with a list of possible scholarships to apply to.

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