Why Should You Visit Your Local Library?

Jul 04, 2022

There are a plethora of reasons to visit your local library. Libraries are a great place to visit during summer break, not only do they provide a cool escape from the heat outside, but libraries also have an abundance of free, accessible resources and events for their community. Libraries are portals to all of the world’s knowledge. And librarians make sure that knowledge continues to be recorded and saved for the future, even as information-storage devices and formats change. Many public libraries offer after-hours homework help, via online services that they subscribe to in order to support students’ learning.

Having a library card gives you access to all of a library's resources and databases. If you are a student in the Kansas City Public School District, you automatically have a card. You should be able to access your card through your school's system. 

If you are not a KCPSD student, click here to sign up for a library card.

8 Perks of Having a Library Card!

1. Stream movies

Who knew your library card could also grant you access to some pretty cool streaming platforms? Sites such as Kanopy, which features over 30,000 films, and Hoopla are accessible by card members from select libraries across the country, so you can stream all kinds of movies (blockbusters, indie films, documentaries, etc.) for free.

2. Museum passes

Dreaming of spending a day at the art museum, but don’t have the spare cash for admission? Programs such as Culture Pass and Museum Pass allow you to use your library card to access dozens of cultural institutions throughout your city—just check with your local branch to find out more details.

3. Download e-books and more

Avid e-readers rejoice: You can use your library card to borrow and download e-books, audiobooks, and more directly to your personal devices, thanks to apps like Overdrive and SimplyE.

4. Learn a language

Itching to learn a new language but don’t have the money for classes? Mango Languages offers step-by-step lessons for learning more than 70 different languages, and is totally free for library cardholders.

5. Get some new career skills

If you’ve already got a library card, why not use it to score some sweet new career skills? Apps like Lynda offer thousands of online courses taught by experts in fields such as web development, education, media production, and business—all free of charge.

6. Read newspapers and magazines

Still a fan of old-school magazines and newspapers? Apps such as PressReader, which provides online access to all kinds of current newspaper titles in full-color, full-page format and Flipster, an online magazine database, are all yours.

7. Prep for a test

Whether you’re planning on taking the SAT or a military exam, platforms like LearningExpress can help you improve your score on everything from academic tests to professional certification exams, and are free to use with your library card.

8. Free movie and music rentals

Feeling nostalgic? Don’t forget that the library is filled with old school CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray movies that you can peruse and borrow—sans the crazy video store late fees!

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