What is Resolution 20005?

Sep 16, 2021

“A carbon neutral, equity-focused, and resilient Kansas City by 2040.”

The conversation around climate change has become increasingly urgent as time passes. Forest fires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters have become more and more recurrent in recent years. As this issue becomes more pressing, many have turned to lawmakers to develop a plan that will “reduce Kansas City’s contribution to climate change, and [approach] to help our community adapt to the climate-related impacts we are already experiencing.”.  

In 2020, Kansas City passed resolution 20005, which required the 2008 Climate Protection Plan to be updated to include new greenhouse gas reduction goals, resiliency, and equity. Out of this resolution came the Kansas City Climate Protection & Resiliency Plan. This plan consists of four phases, including “Listen & Learn”, “Collaborate & Explore”, “Prioritize & Align”, and “Mobilize”. They are currently in phase 2, Collaborate & Explore. This phase focuses on “collaborating with Kansas City residents and organizations to explore strategy ideas that will help our community reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create more resilient neighborhoods.” 

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